garner state park

Located nearby Camp Riverview, Garner State Park is a highlight of the local area filled with so many fun activities year-round, from outdoor adventures to mini golf. With the proximity to the park, Camp Riverview is the perfect spot to book a cabin, camp out, or park your RV to fully immerse yourself in everything Garner State Park has to offer.

Note that you will need a day pass or reservation during the peak summer season and on weekends!

Things to Do at Garner State Park:

Garner State Park in Texas.


We can see Garner's most famous hill, Old Baldy, from our campground, and it is a great hike to do to get a great view of the local area. A great spot for running, hiking, and strolling, Old Baldy is a classic. For more trails in Garner State Park, check out the full trails map here.

Water sports

At Garner State Park, you can rent multiple types of boats, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, pedal boats, and more to splash around in the Frio River. Swimming accessories are also available at the Park Store!

Mom and daughter roasting marshmallows at a campfire

Grab some Food

There are two different food spots to grab some grub at Garner. For some amazing burgers and fries, try the Garner Grill which is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day each summer. The Grill is cash only, but there are ATMs located at the Grill. There is also a sweets shop with fudge, nostalgic candy, and ice cream to choose from for those with a sweet tooth!

mini golf club hitting a ball

play Mini-golf

If it's too hot to hike or too cold to swim, a family favorite is Garner's Stinkin' Sweet Candy Golf. Prices are listed on the website for this old-fashioned 18-hole mini golf course, which is also open at night!