October 14, 2023 & APRIL 8, 2024:

Camp Riverview in Concan, Texas will be in the direct path of the annular solar eclipse in 2023 and on the center line of the path of totality during the next total solar eclipse in the United States in 2024. Based on early April weather patterns, we have one of the best chances for clear skies in the nation for this date. We are filling up fast for this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the path of totality, so book your stay as soon as possible to reserve your choice of campsite, RV spot, or cabin.


Book Your Bucket List Eclipse Experience Now! 

Texas Two-Clipse Packages Available for Both Eclipse Events – email info@friocampriverview for more details.

We will also have guest scientists who will be staying on-site and giving lectures and star-gazing guidance! 

(from SkyandTelescope.org)

How To Shoot a Solar Eclipse

View the Solar Eclipse Safely

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October 14, 2023 Annular Eclipse Reference Details

April 8, 2024 Annular Eclipse Reference Details

The paths of the solar eclipse in October 2023 and April 2024
Credit: NASA